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Welcome to the Human-Environment Geographic Information Science (HEGIS) laboratory in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Society at the University of Minnesota.

We conduct research, education, and outreach centered on advancing Geographic Information Science (GISc) approaches to understanding human, natural, and human-environment systems.




Sept 2017. Steven Manson and colleagues win a research grant for $1,452,537 from the National Science Foundation Sociology and Data Infrastructure Programs for the project "IPUMS-Terra: Global Population and Agricultural Data." Dr. Manson is joined by U of M researchers Lara Cleveland, Jack DeWaard, Steven Ruggles, and Leah Samberg. IPUMS Terra integrates, preserves, and disseminates data describing characteristics of the human population and the environment. This project incorporate data from over 1,000 population and agricultural censuses into IPUMS Terra.