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Working with RefWorks and EndNote

UMN subscribes to RefWorks, an online reference-management system. We can share articles and references if you are working with me on a project or taking a class with me.

Endnote is a stand-alone reference management system that is fuller featured than RefWorks and lets you work offline, but it is expensive. If you want to use Endnote you can use one of two routes. Either way, treat the online RefWorks bibliography as the 'official' bibliography and your Endnote version as a copy.

The first is the standard way of transferring references but it is less than perfect because it messes up book sections. It is straightforward, however.


The second way of getting RefWorks references into EndNote is to use a custom filter I have created. No guarantees, but it seems to work so far, and preserves all reference types.


I also find it easier to enter new references into EndNote (e.g., especially if you are automatically importing it from a web search site). You can then use the EndNote output style of Refman(RIS)', copy selected references with Ctrl-K, and then import references directly into RefWorks as text from the clipboard.

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Sharing articles with Dr. Manson

If you are an RA for Dr. Manson or working with him on project, you may be collating citations for entry in to the geog RefWorks account and collecting their associated articles.

When entering citations, bear the following general principles in mind:


When entering citations into EndNote or RefWorks, keep in mind the following formatting issues: