Alex Adovar Tsikudo is a doctoral student in Geography. His work revolves around the nexus of Development Strategies, GIS and the Environment. He researches development and environmental challenges using the power of GIS and visualization techniques
Maryia Bakhtsiyarava is a master's student in Geography. She is also enrolled in the Graduate Training Program in Population Studies at the Minnesota Population Center. She is interested in applying GIS, spatial analysis and remote sensing to study processes that shape the environment and society today.
Chelsea L. Cervantes De Blois is a doctoral candidate in Geography. She is enrolled in the Graduate Training Program at the Minnesota Population Center (MPC). Her dissertation research focuses on the use of spatial sciences when approaching complex humanitarian issues situated in Eurasia and Transcaucasia.  Cervantes
Eric DeLuca is a doctoral student in Geography. His doctoral research focuses on humanitarian aid, development geography, disasters, political ecology, and Africa Deluca
Melinda Kernik is a doctoral student in Geography.  Her dissertation research centers on opportunity mapping, place-based social indicators and regional-scale public participation processes.  Kernik
Brittany Krzyzanowski is a doctoral student in Geography. Her research interests in human/environment factors are broadly directed at public health issues, disease, GIS and spatial epidemiology. Krzyzanowski
Steven Manson is a Professor in the Department of Geography and he directs the Human-Environment Geographic Information Science lab. Dr. Manson combines environmental research, social science approaches, and geographic information science to understand complex human-environment systems. Manson
Adam Berland is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Ball State University, where he is studying sustainable urban environments. He is studies urban forestry and ecosystem services and uses GIS, remote sensing, field observations, and spatial analysis to understand how urbanization affects ecological systems. Berland
Dudley Bonsal an Assistant Professor of Geography at James Madison University. His research focuses on the land use impacts pertaining to aircraft noise near airports, in conjunction with policy set forth to improve compatibility of neighboring land uses and mitigate noise exposure. Bonsal
Chris Crawford is a Landsat Science Team Scientist at USGS EROS in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. His research addresses topics related to the cryosphere, mountain snowpack, mountain climatology, and freshwater resources. His dissertation research encompasses multitemporal remote sensing of seasonal snowpack in the interior of western North America and its relationship with surface climate variability and atmospheric circulation patterns. Crawford
Kevin Dyke is a cartographer and Spatial Data Analyst/Curator at the University of Minnesota Libraries. He is interested in emerging web-based technologies that promote civic engagement and community building with a strong spatial component. Additional interests include participatory and critical geographic information science. Dyke
Sami Eria is a software developer and support manager at ESRI. He served as an RA on several mapping projects and his dissertation investigates the current state of GIS in developing countries, using Uganda as a case study, from a GIS and Society perspective. He also explores Location-Based Services (LBS) as an alternative platform for spatial decision making in an information and communication technology poor environment. Eria
Debs Ghosh is an Assistant Professor of Geography at University of Connecticut. She employs an interdisciplinary approach to investigate health and environmental issues. She combines health and medical geography with geospatial technologies such as Geographic Information Science, modeling, machine learning, and statistics Ghosh
Jennifer Immich is the GIS Specialist with the Irish Fieldschool of Prehistoric Archaeology. Her research focuses on spatial patterns and reuse of settlements in medieval Ireland. Immich
Laura Matson is a PhD in Geography and holds a JD from the University of Minnesota Law School. She is examines legal & political geography, indigenous land claims, and North American and international courts Matson
Bryan Runck is postdoctoral researcher devoloping spatially explicit bio-economic models at the CFANS Agroinformatics Initiative. His work focuses on unpacking socio-environmental systems using environmental and agronomic modeling combined with stakeholder engagement process development. Bryan Runck
Heather Sander is an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Iowa. She is interested in developing sophisticated quantitative analytical approaches to answer fundamental questions about relationships between society and the environment, with particular reference to global change broadly alongside sustainable land and ecosystem management in urban and suburban ecosystems at local and regional scales. Sander
Jerry Shannon is an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Georgia. He is interested broadly in political geography, GIS, and urban studies. His proposed research examines the spatial patterns of food consumption among residents of urban "food deserts" and the political and social context of initiatives aimed at improving access in these areas.  Shannon
Shipeng Sun is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at the University of Illinois Springfield. He uses geographic information science and technologies to explore our networked world, with particular emphasis on human-environment interactions in urban, suburban, and exurban areas, particularly those taking place in land and housing markets Sun
Len Kne is the Associate Director of U-Spatial at the University of Minnesota. He specializes in web mapping and mobile computing.  Kne
Justin Becknell, Ph. D. Student. University of Minnesota
Rebecca Colwell, GIS Specialist at County of Will
Mike Engels, Spatial Analyst/GIS Manager at International Crane Foundation 
David Gilmore, GIS educator
Jason Menard, Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota
Nishi Mishra, Database Analyst at ESRI
Dave Moretz, Internet GIS
Brian Mueller, GIS Department Manager at MACTEC
Eric Myott, Research Fellow Institute on Race & Poverty
Sanjay Rane, Information Management & GIS at United Nations
Chad Riley, GIS Specialist Information Services
Xuejin Ruan, Computer Software Engineer 
Tom Swanson, Solutions Engineer at ESRI
Viju Thomas, Project Engineer at AGCO Corporation
Matt Vavra, Sr. Systems Engineer at West Asset Management